Vincent A. Vassall Jr.

Husband | Father | Life Appreciator | Photographer

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How did I get to love photography?  Well, before digital cameras and smartphones, my first experience was with those now prehistoric disposable Kodak cameras - remember those? Back then I was the self-appointed photographer at many family functions - this is where my growing interest in photography began.

From family pictures, favorite vacations spots, and my travels across the world (courtesy of the Army (HOAHH)) - I’ve always manage to have my camera handy.

To me, photography is therapeutic, it's being creative, it's me sharing my perspective on life - through my lens. The people I meet (I love candid moments), the places I've traveled, and capturing the emotions from those experiences.

I have no defined genre or style – but I enjoy landscape photography (since I love to travel). I am also fond of just going out in the street and randomly finding something interesting to shoot - I just love being behind the viewfinder.

For me a photograph creates more than single image frozen in time, it stirs nostalgia, it tells the stories between the "dash" - it celebrates life - one frame at a time.

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